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Potted biography

I was born and grew up in Melbourne Australia. I came to England to study for a  Ph.D. in theoretical Physics intending to stay for 3 or 4 years. Forty Four years later and I am still here in the UK having retired from a career that was mostly spent running a computing service at the University of Liverpool. For a slightly fuller career summary see, biographic background.

Linda 2008 A major reason for my continuing to live and work in the UK was that during my post-graduate stay in London I met an English fellow student, Linda, who was studying French literature at the time, and we married in 1967.
We have two sons,

 Andrew Andrew 2008 who is attempting to create his own specialist image library and photographic business, Light and Time, and

Robert Robert 2008 who is a ground staff supervisor for a small airline operating out of Melbourne airport.

Linda and I currently live in a large late Victorian house house2004 in a small coastal town, West Kirby, at the end of the Wirral in the North West of England.

Recreational Interests

A major activity is now with the Hoylake Choral Society, where I sing in the 1st Bass section. I make use of my computing background to act as membership secretary, keeping the membership database, and as webmaster, maintaining the society's website. As a totally untrained musician as well as a less than expert singer, I attempt to learn my part by creating a version of the music employing the music notation software, MOZART. As well as displaying the music in standard form on the screen, this can play back the score, Karaoke like, with the particular part accentuated. There is quite a bit of work involved in doing this so I am making the fruits of this labour available in case they might be useful to other choristers.  Given that I am a 1st bass the parts accessible from Choral practice files are mostly aimed at that part. Anyone can download a free viewer that displays the music and can play it back; with the MOZART software proper, which is not free, anyone would be able to change the emphasis and a lot of the work of creating the score has already been done.

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