Biographic background

1942 Melbourne, Australia
1960-65 B.Sc. & M.Sc. (Maths and Theoretical Physics) University of Melbourne
1965-68 D.I.C. & Ph.D. (Theoretical Physics) Imperial College, London
1968-72 Research Fellow, Mathematical Physics, University of Birmingham
1972-80 Head of Application, Computer Centre, University of Birmingham
1980-82 Deputy Director, Computer Laboratory, University of Liverpool
1982-00 Director, Computing Services, University of Liverpool
2000-07 Honourary Senior Fellow, University of Liverpool
Now retired

Major Professional Interests

Portable Mathematical Software
Founder of the Numerical Algorithms Group (NAG Ltd.), contributor of special function approximation software, member of the NAG Council of Management until 2006.
Community Activities
Founder member of Merseyside IT (MERIT) a self-help group for users of Information Technologies in the North West of the UK.
Fortran Language Design

Member of standards committees responsible for the design of Fortran 90/95, principle author of the illustrative module implementing the part-2 Fortran standard for varying length character strings
As a semi professional hobby, producer of a Fortran 95 semantic extension module to provide facilities for variable precision arithmetic
Authorship Activities
Along with Dr.J.S.Morgan, author of tutorial books on programming in Fortran. The latest version has been updated to cover Fortran 95 and including appendices covering some parts of the Fortran 2003; these latter outline some of those extensions that were subject to published Technical Reports. This book is published as a web book via the Fortran Market in the USA.
N.B. All these professional activities have been subject to a slow but steady run down since 2007 to be replaced by the social and recreational activities of a retired senior citizen.

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